Offering solutions to avoid and solve EMI, RF de-sensing, immunity and radio signal coverage/interoperability issues in products.

3D electromagnetic simulation in use for product EM design verification and performance improvements.

EMC/EMI analysis, reviews and problem solving, onsite support.

Extensive knowledge of radio communication systems, hardware integration and shielding structures of mobile devices to enable great EMC/EMI performance.


Example cases we have solved so far:

Product performance improvement using 3D EM simulation
– Critical noise coupling locations found and fixed early on product design
– Improving placement and groundings with clever shielding and filtering solutions

Radio communication
– Improving GPS RX level when cameras and displays are active
– Product passing official tests utilizing power supply noise reduction solutions
– Frequency planning utilized to avoid RF interoperability degradiation
– Reducing integrated cellular antenna desensing to achieve antenna performance
– Improving BT/WLAN range and reliability utilizing various EMI reduction solutions

Sensor cases
– Removing noise in microphone and speaker lines using proper place&route, shielding and filtering solutions.